Adding those special touches to your custom-designed, bespoke wardrobe or storage system is a breeze with our huge range of accessories.
Our designer can step you through the options and help you visualise the final result. You can also view our full range of accessories – by appointment – at our showroom.

Accessories at a glance

Mirror backed cupboards vanities tie racks belt jewellery trayPull out mirrors full; length or vanitySock scarf sunglasses drawers stylish designs custom fittedBelt hangers slide outTie and belt racks custom size and designShoe drawers bedroom laundry garage

Pull-out or vanity mirrors

Transform your wardrobe system into a dressing room and include a vanity mirror or a pull-out full length mirror. The full length mirror conveniently slots away when not in use.

Tie Racks

Positioned within the hanging area of the wardrobes, slide-out tie racks make finding and choosing ties so easy. Holds up to 24 ties, simply slide back in when not needed.

Belt Racks

Can hold up to 12 belts and like the tie rack, simply slot away when not needed to keep your wardrobe space clear and clutter-free. We also have combination tie and belt racks

Jewellery trays & drawers

A great way to store your precious jewellery and special pieces. Jewellery drawers can be lined or divided into compartments for easy storage or laid out on a jewellery tray that pops away out of sight when not needed.

Full carcass or metal-sided drawers

A full range of drawers and drawer sizes are available with standard runners or soft-close options that just need a light push to open.

Shoe drawers and shelves

A wonderful way to display and store your shoes and a popular choice for women. Pull-out shoe shelves allow easy access to all your shoes. No more shoe clutter!


  • Pull-out full length mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Tie Racks
  • Belt Racks
  • Combination Tie and Belt Racks
  • Jewellery trays and drawers
  • Soft-close drawers
  • Metal-sided drawers
  • Full carcass drawers
  • Shoe shelves and slide-out shoe shelves
  • Sock drawers
  • Sunglass drawers
  • Scarf drawers
  • Slatted shelves
  • Trouser racks, Pull-out trouser racks
  • Handbag storage, handbag drawer

Sock, sunglasses and scarf drawers

Sock drawers can be divided into any-size compartments for storing your socks, sunglasses or scarves. No more scrambling through piles of socks in a drawer. Simply open the drawers and you can see everything at a glance.

Slatted shelves

Popular for linen cupboards

Trouser Racks

Maximise your hanging space with pull-out trouser racks. Prevents trousers from getting crushed and keeps them looking pristine

Handbag storage

Do you love hang bags? We can create hand bag storage that makes them easy to access but keeps them out of sight when not in use for a clean and clutter-free wardrobe space.

Delighted by the choice of accessories? Contact us today to get your new wardrobe or storage system project underway.